A Short Introduction to Julius Evola

Translator’s Preface


Part One: The World of Tradition

Chapter 1. The Beginning

Chapter 2. Regality

Chapter 3. Polar Symbolism; the Lord of Peace and Justice

Chapter 4. The Law, the State, the Empire

Chapter 5. The Mystery of the Rite

Chapter 6. On the Primordial Nature of the Patriciate

Chapter 7. Spiritual Virility

Chapter 8. The Two Paths in the Afterlife

Chapter 9. Life and Death of Civilizations

Chapter 10. Initiation and Consecration

Chapter 11. On the Hierarchical Relationship Between Royalty and Priesthood

Chapter 12. Universality and Centralism

Chapter 13. The Soul of Chivalry

Chapter 14. The Doctrine of the Castes

Chapter 15. Professional Associations and the Arts; Slavery

Chapter 16. Bipartition of the Traditional Spirit; Asceticism

Chapter 17. The Greater and the Lesser Holy War

Chapter 18. Games and Victory

Chapter 19. Space, Time, the Earth

Chapter 20. Man and Woman

Chapter 21. The Decline of Superior Races

Part Two: Genesis and Face of the Modern World


Chapter 22. The Doctrine of the Four Ages

Chapter 23. The Golden Age

Chapter 24. The Pole and the Hyperborean Region

Chapter 25. The Northern-Atlantic Cycle

Chapter 26. North and South

Chapter 27. The Civilization of the Mother

Chapter 28: The Cycles of Decadence and the Heroic Cycle

Chapter 29. Tradition and Antitradition

Chapter 30. The Heroic-Uranian Western Cycle

Chapter 31. Syncope of the Western Tradition

Chapter 32. The Revival of the Empire and the Ghibelline Middle Ages

Chapter 33. Decline of the Medieval World and the Birth of Nations

Chapter 34. Unrealism and Individualism

Chapter 35. The Regression of the Castes

Chapter 36. Nationalism and Collectivism

Chapter 37. The End of the Cycle


Appendix: On the Dark Age

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